Rochak & Ghochak

 Rochak & Ghochak is the 1st Maithili feature Television comedy show. It is a comedy show of Appan Television. It is a program, which satirizes the present fashion, social, political as well as other affairs of the society. By highlighting the weakness and strengths of the people and society, we provide the entertainment to our valuable audiences. Also this program removes the superstitions from the society.

Appan Vishesh

Appan Vishesh is the news based talk show. This talk show anchored by multi anchors. The language of this program is Maithili, Nepali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, English and etc. We invite the guest from various sectors. Through this, we focus on the current affairs as well as the futuristic aspects of the various organizations of our societies.

Artha r Rajaniti

Artha r Rajanity is news based talk show. This program brings the truth about how do the politics and the Economic affairs affect the lives of individuals and the societies. What is the position of the development in Nepal? What are the factors, which is lagging the development of nation and individual? How does the politics paralyze the economic development of our nation?

Appan News

Appan News is the News of Appan Television. Every day, we broadcast 10 news in Maithili and Nepali. These bulletins cover national, international and local news.

Appan Sarokar

Appan Sarokar is the news based talk show. We call the political and non-political Leaders of Nepal. This talk show brings forth the present political movement, tussle and ongoing struggles and direction the political parties as well as the social organizations and institutes. It fetches the reality, struggles and the weakness of the political and social organizations and Leaders. Finally, the purpose of this talk show is to inform and to make aware our valuable audiences about the present scenario of the Nation.